Dream Chaser Media specializes in film & video production in the San Francisco Bay Area, and anywhere in the World where a visual story needs to be told through film or video. Our creative video & film producers are master story tellers.

They will turn your message into powerful, persuasive cinematic short film (video) that looks like it belongs in a movie theater – NOT on YouTube.

Why is that important?

It is important because it’s your brand. You need your message to stand out to be differentiated from all the media sources in today’s World (Internet, TV, podcasts, blogs, etc.)

Corporate Documentaries

Short Films & Documentaries


Video Editing

Sound Design

Virtual Tours

  • Cinematic Corporate Documentaries
  • Industry Short Films
  • Video Executive Biographies
  • Video Product/Service Overviews
  • Video Product Demonstrations
  • Video Customer Service Profiles
  • Video Trade show loops
  • Branded Documentaries
  • Video Customer Success Stories / Testimonials
  • Video Blogs
  • Multimedia PowerPoint Presentations
  • Employee Recruitment, Orientation& Training videos
  • Short and feature length documentaries movies
  • Public Service Announcements

For more information please call (408) 460-4818 or send us a note.