Branded documentaries tell to the story of a brand in a powerful, persuasive cinematic film style to influence the emotions of a buyer. Branded documentaries are different than traditional “videos” that target the buyer’s intellectual/rational side and stress the features of a product or service. Marketing 101 tells us that, “People don’t buy things because of features. They buy things for emotional reasons.”

We produced the branded documentary “Dream Chaser” below to tell the story of how our brand began. The branded documentary does not talk about any features or benefits of our company or services. It is the universal story of a man’s quest to risk everything to follow his dream. “Dream Chaser” tells a story to which all people (and buyers) can relate – the desire to follow your dreams. “Dream Chaser” was a Short Documentary Finalist in the Southern California Film Festival and received a special screening at the Poppy Jasper Film Festival.

After watching “Dream Chaser”, please call (408) 460-4818 to find out how we can produce a branded documentary to tell to the story of your brand.

Dream Chaser