Our Mission: To offer the best Photography/Video Production services in the Bay Area

When choosing a partner in the San Francisco Bay Area for Video Production, Film Production, and Photography, it’s about talent, experience and return on investment. (ROI).

Dream Chaser Media is a San Francisco Bay Area video production, film production and photography services company. We seamlessly integrate broadcast quality HD technologies, Hollywood film making techniques, magazine quality photography and 25 years of marketing savvy to deliver the highest quality video/film production and photography services.

We have made a significant investment in the best broadcast quality (not consumer quality) cameras, lenses, microphones, lighting, jibs, cranes and sliders. Dream Chaser Media is redefining the standards for excellence in video production, film production and photography services. Much our gear is the same gear used by television networks and Hollywood movie crews. Video production, film production and photography are visual art forms – cameras and lenses are our paint brushes. The heart of our company are our people; very talented individuals who are committed to deliver excellence for our clients.

Finding one solution for your multimedia video and film production and photography requirements that consistently delivers excellence is not easy. It’s one thing to do a good job on the first project. But it’s rare to find a resource that delivers excellence on every project. It really comes down to experience, talent and methodology – having a repeatable, proven way of accomplishing a task. Unfortunately, many small media companies don’t have the expertise and experience to deliver high quality, differentiated solutions to their clients. They rely on the client to tell them what to do. Large advertising and video production companies expect a client to have a $100K+++ budget for a project. They can show up for a video production shoot with a crew of 10-20 and a tractor-trailer truck full of equipment.

In today’s marketplace, it seems that every wedding photographer or weekend warrior member of the local camera club calls themselves a “professional”. Buying a $500 consumer DSLR camera that shoots 1080P video, some inexpensive low quality lenses and a $50 microphone from Radio Shack does NOT make someone a professional. (Even the Apple iPhone 5 shoots 1080P video.) Further, the low quality of many corporate videos seen on YouTube is, in our opinion, at best high school audio/visual class level. Even the television advertisements for local businesses you see on cable TV are often, to be kind, bush-league.

Our Services

The following examples are just a few of the applications of our services.

Video / Film Production


Multimedia Presentations


  • Video Product Demonstrations
  • Video Customer Service Profiles
  • Video Customer Success Stories / Testimonials
  • Video Blogs
  • Video Trade show loops
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Employee Recruitment, Orientation & Training videos
  • Short and feature length documentaries movies

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